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SB 1964

The Governor has vetoed SB 1964 which would have granted architects, landscape architects, interior designers, engineers and surveyors special protections from claims for malpractice which would not be available to other professions.

SB 7157

Our initial enthusiasm for HB 7157 relating to the sales tax exemption for materials used in public projects has been tempered by a closer review of the bill language. It had appeared that this bill would allow for the purchase of tax exempt materials by the contractors and subcontractors in place of the cumbersome owner purchase process now in place.  This is not correct. However, the good news is that where an owner direct purchase is used, the contractor is protected from a later claim by the Department of Revenue that the process did not meet the requirements for the tax exemption. If this is the case, the owner not the contractor will now be liable for the sales tax. To get this protection, it is important that a tax exemption certificate be obtained.